Are You a New Editor To Our Web Sites?

First, Happy 100th post!

If you have just been assigned to work on your district department or school web site, you may be asking yourself where to begin. There is no quick 5-minute course on everything you need to know. However, here are some suggestions on how to start learning what you need to know to become a website ninja.

Basic Editing of Web Pages

Top-rated district web pages and school web sites are updated regularly. The people assigned to do the work need to become familiar with topics ranging from “How-To” when building a page to district standards when building a page and most recently to Accessibility/ADA concerns that affect how you build and format your pages. This blog will address some of the topics with which you need to become familiar.

Basic Editing videos recorded from SchoolMessenger

Internal portal documentation, tips, and news

In addition, some OCPS portal Tips/News can be found on the following page and its subpages:

Our Blog

A major source of information about what to do and how to do it can be found our internal blog site at:

Of special interest are the posts related to ADA compliance issues (see below).

Open Labs

Find the schedule for Open labs in CANVAS, currently through December 2019:

Please tell us what you think about Open Labs using our Poll at:

Additional Support

For questions when working with the School Messenger Portal:

For additional local support, submit your question to  For a faster response, include the page URL where you have encountered the problem along with a screen capture.

Accessibility and ADA Concerns

The Monsido Tool

Previously, we used a product called SiteImprove to scan our web pages for Accessibility concerns. However, as of February 1, 2019, we switched to a product called Monsido recommended by SchoolMessenger, the provider of our Presence web platform. It has taken several months to integrate this product fully into our Presence web site and I continue to work with both SchoolMessenger and Monsido staff on issues to make the integration work better for everyone. Anyone can sign up to receive Monsido Accessibility reports each time a scan is run.

More than you wanted to know:

Only district departments found on the Departments page of the Internet ( can receive reports specifically for their pages. This is due to the peculiarities of the way the portal was built that supports ‘user-friendly’ URLs for some pages, but not others. For example, the Marketing and Events department has a user-friendly URL of However, it also has a URL of In fact, every page on the portal has an associated portalId to identify the site and a pageId to identify the page within the site. The ‘User-friendly’ URLs can be used to ‘group’ pages belonging to the same department (such as /departments/marketing and events/ in the above example). Unfortunately, there is no way to ‘group’ pages that only have a pageId because the system assigns page ids sequentially by site, not by department.

Any group that does not have a report for their specific departments/groups as defined above are welcome to request the full reports, but keep in mind that you will have to hunt for your pages. To request receiving reports, follow these steps:

1.       Send a request to receive Monsido Accessibility Reports to and include your full name, employee ID and the department/school you want to receive reports for. You will get a return email from Monsido with your password and how to log into the reports area.

2.       Watch the Monsido video conducted on April 26th, 2019 on Website Accessibility: Web Accessibility Overview (This link works best in Chrome.  Right click on the link and select Copy Hyperlink. Open Chrome and paste the link in the URL field and press <Enter>.). This is a good accessibility introduction for everyone, not just those assigned with fixing accessibility issues on the web site.

3.       Check my blog ( at least weekly for new posts on OCPS website issues.

We are not scanning the Intranet or pages at this time. However, officially, they too fall under accessibility.  Watch my blog for changes (

To learn how to address ADA issues, please refer to the last several months of my blog posts at, especially the posts from the 2018-2019 school year.  Continue to watch my blog posts as we get further clarification on what issues we must address and how to address them.

A selection of the top ADA/Monsido related blog posts to date

You can also enter: ADA, Accessibility, or Monsido in the Search box to access all related posts.

Web Accessibility Overview

It is your responsibility to learn about ADA and how it affects not just your website pages, but any content you produce using any media.  Consider this, creating accessible content is the right thing to do to make sure everyone has equal access to your content both internally by other employees and externally by the public.

The Monsido Chrome Extension

Please open the link below within Chrome to install the extension. You may be asked to log in with your Google account once the extension is launched, but Chrome can save this information so you need not login again. Remember that the OCPS portal page you are reviewing needs to have been scanned by Monsido in order to report data. Therefore, new pages will not be supported until they have undergone at least one scan.

Install the extension by following this link.

Basic operating instructions for the Monsido Chrome Extension

  1. To use the Chrome extension, open a page that has been scanned by Monsido. Click the notification box that has the red number of issues:
  2. To highlight issues, select the category you want to view. Select the specific issue by clicking on it.  Press the magnifying glass to highlight the issue on the page.

  3. Press the </> icon to reveal the error in source mode (if you are a real glutton for punishment as this will require a detailed knowledge of HTM).
  4. If your information is not immediately available, press the gear icon and select to clear the two cache options:

Please read my other blog posts on using Monsido by searching on the word: Monsido.