SchoolMessenger Brings To You Accessibility Training

We recently were able to acquire a set of 8 videos from West Corporation, the owners of SchoolMessenger and the Presence Portal software that introduce you to the major attributes of making your website accessible. Each of the following videos is less than 5 minutes which is why you can find them in my 5-Minute Topics for Presence Channel

While you can watch any of these videos independently of the others, I strongly recommend that the first time through, you watch these videos in the order listed below. All total, it will take you less than a half hour, but it will give you a great basic understanding of accessibility issues as they relate to your web sites and will help you understand the issues reported by Monsido (our ADA checking tool) and being enforced by the district.

Accessibility Videos

  1. Introduction to Accessibility
  2. Real Text vs Images of Text
  3. Alternative Text for Images
  4. Accessible Documents
  5. Document Hyperlinks
  6. Internal Hyperlinks
  7. Headings
  8. Closing Remarks

Of course many of these topics have been covered in prior blog posts, but these videos offer an alternate look at the information you need to know to make your website accessible.